I see portraits to explore narrative and consciousness of American history. Each portrait reveals a poignant shared duality of the woman and the warrior. A detour from traditional military portraiture reveals changing sentiments about gender roles in todays military and foreshadows universal gender binary themes in many areas. In many ways, these works act as a barometer of the present-day social political climate.

The use of watercolor, acrylic paint and oil paints aid in the investigation of complex ideas that confront a woman’s strength in my work. Art is used as a way to reveal my weakness and honor female influences in art and life. There is enthusiasm for color, complex subject matter, and figures that protracts the Late Renaissance and Mannerism. These elements are subtly used to highlight the allegorical and biographical nature of my work.

Illustrated realism allows me to express my ideas in dry and wet media. Using a wide variety of media in a single work speaks to the effective integration of tradition and contemporary ideas in a single work. The exploration of multiple media within my work reveals my evaluation of different challenges in each piece. Much like the unknown changes of present-day socio-political structures, my art functions as a mantle of change.


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